My wife and I would like to say Thank you so much for installing our wet room. I can now safely have showers and baths by myself, with peace of mind. Brilliant!

Wet Rooms

The bathroom is an essential part of anyone’s home; people spend countless hours of their lifetime using the bathroom for bathing, showering and getting ready for work or leisure. Throughout the UK, more and more people are upgrading the traditional bathroom setting for an ultra-modern and stylish wet room; not only are wet rooms stylish and practical they also eradicate the possibility of water and moisture damage that can be a problem with the traditional bathroom.

Features of a wet room

Wet rooms are fully waterproofed rooms that are generally equipped with a shower area. Unlike a traditional area for showering commonly seen in a bathroom the wet room itself becomes the shower enclosure.

A wet room does away with the need for a shower tray and instead has a drain inset into the floor, this allows the whole of the room to be set at the same level, giving the room more space and the potential for innovative layout, design and colour scheme.

A major feature of wet rooms is that of the waterproofing, also known as tanking. This is essential in preventing the possibility of leakage. Tanking a room means that a wet room becomes fully water and damp proof, this is carried out prior to any flooring or tiles  being laid and can be done by coating the room in a water proof paint which acts as a seal or with water proof material which is rolled onto the floor and walls. Having tanked a room allows you to choose from a range of materials for your floor and walls, ceramic tiles are the common choice but vinyl and plastic flooring and wall products are available.

Another essential part in ensuring wet rooms are effective is the gradient; the correct gradient will allow water in the room to flow in the correct direction and towards the drain, this is important in making sure water does not leave the wet room through door. A drain gully will ensure that the waste water leaves the room correctly; these are commonly made from stainless steel and are fully adjustable with the height of your chosen flooring.

Benefits of having a wet room

Wet rooms offer many benefits over the traditional bathroom, the first being the issue of safety, this is especially the case of people who are disabled or elderly. A wet room being designed so that the floor is set on one level means that the shower area is easily accessible and has no potential trip hazards.

Wet rooms are also easily maintained, cleaning the room can be done simply with the use of a hose, and this is something that cannot be said of a traditional bathroom set-up. Another benefit is that of the look and longevity, a wet room looks both modern and contemporary, a professionally done job can also expect to last for a life time.

Installing a wet room to your property is also likely to raise the value of the home significantly in comparison with a bathroom.

Wet Rooms